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Family Cookbook
Wildeats Elk Chili
source Wildeats Controlled Burn Chili label
Serve with toppings of sour cream, grated sharp cheddar and chopped green onions... Best if made a day ahead to allow the flavors to blend.

Required Ingredients

Ouncecooking oil
Pounddiced (or ground) elk or other venison
OunceWildeats Controlled Burn Chili mix
10 Cupdiced tomatoes with juice (5 15oz cans)
Cuptomato sauce (1 15oz can)
bottle good red wine (Zinfandel or Merlot)
large onions diced
red bell pepper diced
½Bunchcelery diced
good shakes of Tobasco

sour cream
diced green onions
diced jalapeno chilled
sharp cheddar shredded

Preparation Instructions

  1. Defrost meat slowly and drain completely of blood. Season meat with salt.
  2. Heat the oil in a heavy gauge saute pan. Place small batches of the meat into the hot oil and brown thoroughly. Remove browned meat to a large pot and continue with the next small batch until all of the meat is browned.
  3. Add the tomato products to the browned meat.
  4. Place the diced celery, onion, red pepper into the saute pan and add the Control Burn Chili mix. Cook until vegetables are well wilted. Deglaze with the wine being sure to scrape the small bits of remaining meat from the bottom of the pan.
  5. Add the vegetable/wine mixture to the meat mixture, cover, and simmer over low heat for about 3 hours stirring frequently. Remove the cover and simmer an additional hour.
  6. Can be served immediately, but best if refregerated and then reheated and served the next day.