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Family Cookbook
source Davida
Can be made as a breakfast dish filled with jam and/or served with powdered sugar and lemon sauce; can be made as an appetizer filled with sausage, apple and onion (or other); can be made as a dessert filled with chocolate. Get creative...

Required Ingredients

Teaspoonbaking soda
Teaspoonbaking powder
eggs separated

Preparation Instructions

  1. Combine dry ingredients.
  2. Beat together egg yolks and buttermilk and add to dry mix.
  3. Beat egg whites and fold into the mixture.
  4. Put 1/2 tsp. butter in each well of a filled-pancake pan. Place over medium heat and heat until the butter begins to bubble. Pour 1 Tbs. batter into each well, place 1/2 teaspoon filling in the center of the batter, and top with another 1 Tbs. of batter. Do NOT use more batter.
  5. Allow to brown lightly on the bottom and then turn over gently allowing the whole ball to brown evenly.