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Family Cookbook
Davida's fish marinade/glaze
the quantity below is for 6 8oz fillets

Required Ingredients

½Cupsoy sauce
½Cupsake or mirin (or white wine)
½maui onion (chopped)
½Cupfresh ginger (minced)
Teaspoonsambal olek (or rooster sauce)
Tablespoonsesame oil
cloves garlic
½Cupisland teriyaki sauce

for serving sauce
½island teriyaki sauce
Tablespoonpineapple vinegar

Preparation Instructions

  1. Mix soy, sake, onion, ginger, sambal & sesame oil in blender and blend until smooth
  2. Season fish with salt & pepper, marinate fish in blended sauce for 1 hour
  3. Pan fry fish (a batch at a time) adding some of the marinade as you go. (I used coconut oil in the pan; a very small amount goes a long way.)
  4. Serve fish on the basmati rice and topy with sauce.
  5. Note: If fish is very flaky, dip pieces lightly in flour before frying to help hold it together.