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Family Cookbook
Granny's English Toffee
source Granny Mitchell
Granny used to make 20-30 pounds of this delicious Toffee every Christmas and it found its way into homes all over Palo Alto...a special holiday treat! Jane has changed the recipe to use dark chocolate instead of semi-sweet and sometimes uses a slightly larger pan with 8 ounces of chocolate.

Required Ingredients

Ouncesemi-sweet chocolate (melted slowly)
Poundslivered almonds
Tablespoonlight karo
sliced natural almonds

Preparation Instructions

  1. Melt butter in heavy pan; add slivered nuts and cook a few minutes.
  2. Add sugar, karo and water and cook stirring frequently at first and then continuously until it reaches 290 deg
  3. Add vanilla, pour into a 10x15 pan, spread melted chocolate over top using a rubber spatula and then sprinkle with sliced natural almonds, pressing them in lightly with the back of a fork. When cold crack into bite sized pieces and store in sealed tins.