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Family Cookbook
Grandpa Mitchell's Punch
source Grandpa Mitchell
This has been served at many a Mitchell function and many a guest has been surprised by its strength and effect.

Required Ingredients

QuartOrange Juice
PintLeman Juice
PintSimple Syrup (or less to taste)
QuartGinger Ale

Preparation Instructions

  1. Mix all ingredients except the simple syrup, and then gradually add the simple syrup until the desired sweetness.
  2. Serve in large bowl with a large ice ring. (Note: Ice cubes melt too fast and dilute the punch.)
  3. It is fun to add slices of lemon, ornage and lime in the middle of the ice ring. Fill the molds half full of water and freeze. Place the fruit slices on the frozen ice and add a very thin layer of water; freeze again. Then add the upper layer of water and freeze the last time. This seals the fruit in the middle.