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Family Cookbook
Bolognese Sauce
source Laurie Malley
Start 3 days in advance.... for single lasagne make 4x this recipe

Required Ingredients

½Cupchopped onion
Cupchopped celery
¾Poundground chuck (can be part veal)
Cupdry white wine
1 ½Cupcanned whole tomatoes with juice peeled (crushed with handss)

Preparation Instructions

  1. Saute vegetables in oil and butter until translucent (about 30 min)
  2. Add meat and salt and pepper crumbling meat with fork until cooked
  3. add milk and simmer until evaporated; add wine and simmer until evaporated
  4. add tomatoes and simmer for 2 days ading H2o when bone dry (maybe ad H2O 6 or 7 end will be dark and dense.
  5. To make into lasagna make huge batch besamel (about 9T butter and 9 T flour with 6 C milk and white pepper, salt and nutmeg to taste. Use 4x the above recipe for bolognese sauce. Layer as follows: butter in pan sprinkled with grated Parmesan, cooked noodles, bolognese sauce, besamel, heavy parm layer, cooked noodles, bolognese sauce, besamel dampened with milk if necessary and more parm. Bake at 350 deg covered with foil.