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Family Cookbook
Ben's Pie Crust
Result of experimentation combining recipes from several sources. Makes enough for 2 dough balls (top and bottom crusts, or two bottom-only pies) Lard can be ordered from Dietrich's

Required Ingredients

CupAll Purpose Flour (250 grams)
CupCake Flour (125 grams)
TablespoonBaker's Sugar (75 grams)
½TeaspoonSalt (5 grams)
StickCold, unsalted Butter (120 grams)
¼PoundCold, high quality Leaf Lard (120 grams)
¼CupIce-Cold Vodka
CupCold Water

Preparation Instructions

  1. Place dry ingredients together in food processor with dough blade. Pulse several times to mix. Don't over do it.
  2. Cut butter into 1/4" pieces, add to dry ingredients and process until the mixture looks like damp meal. Do the same with the lard. Don't over-process.
  3. While running processor, dribble in the vodka. Once it's been taken up, add water slowly until the right texture has been reached. Too much water and it'll get way too gooey. Be careful. Refrigerate several hours before rolling.