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Family Cookbook
Mushroom Strudel Bites
source Cristy Neidig
This recipe makes 4-5 strudels and you can cut about 18 pieces per strudel....or about 90 appetizers.

Required Ingredients

PoundChanterelle Mushrooms
Portabello Mushrooms
½PoundCrimini Mushrooms
BunchFresh Dill, tops
BunchItalian Parsley
BunchScallions, finely chopped
TeaspoonGarlic, finely minced
PieceBacon, crisply fried and crumbled (good to use more)
Sour Cream
Bouillon or Beef Concentrate
Flour to thicken
10 Sheets Phyllo (full sheets only...not squares labeled for appetizers)*
*Draegers sells pre-buttered sheets which are two sheets with butter between

Preparation Instructions

  1. Saute onions and garlic in butter until soft. Add coarsely chopped mushrooms and cook slowly for about 5 minutes. Thicken mixture with flour and add bouillon and sour cream to taste.
  2. Remove from heat and add finely chopped dill and parsley. Let cool.
  3. If not using pre-buttered phyllo, spread melted butter on top of one phylo sheet and top with another phyllo sheet. Along the narrow side of this laminated pair of phyllo sheets spread about ? of the mushroom mixture leaving about an inch on each side. Roll tightly and twist the ends closed. Brush butter on the roll. After the butter has cooled, the roll can be wrapped in Saran and refrigerated until ready to bake. Repeat this process for the next 4 rolls.
  4. The morning of the party (or even the day before) bake the rolls at 350° until evenly golden brown...about 30 minutes. Let cool. Slice before returning to the over to reheat at 300° for serving.