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Family Cookbook
source Granny Mitchell
For thanksgiving, make pumpkins; for easter, make strawberries; for Christmas make all the fruits for a Della Robbia effect. Pumpkin: roll round ball, use toothpick to put vertical lines top to bottom, push a whole clove in the top to flatten and make the stem.

Required Ingredients

PoundAlmond Paste
Cuplight Karo syrup
1 ½Poundpowdered sugar
Packagemarshmallo cream
vanilla to taste

Preparation Instructions

  1. Put almond paste in food processor and pulverize
  2. Add Karo and beat again
  3. Alternate adding marshmallow cream and powdered sugar trying to keep it from getting to sticky or too dry
  4. The tricky part is deciding when the right amount of sugar has been added relative to the marshmallow and karo. The mixture is warm and softer while being beaten and then gets stiffer as it cools. For the ideal mixture you want to be able to make a round ball and have it not flatten/sag when it sits for a few minutes. I usually make approximately 3" round balls and wrap each in plastic to sit for a few minutes. I then test by pinching off a little from one of the large balls and making a small round ball which I let sit for a couple of minutes. If it sags, I put that large ball back in the food processor and add more powdered sugar; repeat with each ball until the right consistency.
  5. To shape the fruits and or vegetables, have a bowl of powdered sugar for keeping your hands dusted. Handy tools are a toothpick for things like indentations on pumpkins and a citrus greater for texture on strawberries, lemons and oranges. Stems for strawberries and leaves for apples can be commercially purchased.